If you click the PLAY NOW links on this website, you can play Renaissance Quest using an Applet
and your own copy of Java.

However, this is problematic for some players. Keeping your Java Browser Plug-In up to date
can be a real chore! So we have a good solution for you. Just right-click one of the links below
then click SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS, and you can get an ISO file which you can use to make a CD or
DVD that plays the game standalone, without any need for Java or anything else installed on your computer.

Once you have downloaded and saved the chosen file you can just double-click that file on your PC and Windows
will guide you through writing a disk. That disk will auto-start the game when you put in the disk (or you can
open it in Windows Explorer and double-click the "rq" or "rq.bat" file) and the game will start. No software
will be installed on your computer. This is a Live CD or DVD.

Select the kind of disk you'd like to write: